Graysford Hall Welcomes Crownhills Community College for Intergenerational Learning

June 21, 2024
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Graysford Hall care home, part of the Sanders Senior Living group, had the pleasure of hosting another enriching visit from Crownhills Community College as part of their ongoing intergenerational school linking program on the 10th of June. This initiative aims to foster connections between younger generations and residents, creating meaningful interactions and learning opportunities.

During the visit, the children from Crownhills Community College enthusiastically participated in the Gardening Club activities at Graysford Hall with the residents. They joined in planting, pruning, and harvesting radishes in the gardens, discovering the joys of gardening alongside the residents. After their productive gardening session, the students had the chance to taste radishes, with some experiencing this fresh vegetable for the first time.

Eager to learn more about life at Graysford Hall luxury care home, the students requested a guided tour from Emma Thorpe, the Customer Relations Manager. Emma led them through the various facilities, including the cinema room, library, salon, and showcased a selection of bedrooms. The students were particularly impressed by the cinema room and even inquired about the possibility of having gaming consoles there.

This visit marked the second time Crownhills Community College students engaged with Graysford Hall, following their initial visit in April where they learned about living in a care home setting. During this recent visit, they also participated in a game of carpet bowls with the residents and listened attentively to Harold, a resident who shared stories about his handcrafted suitcase..

Emma Thorpe, reflecting on the day’s events, shared her thoughts:

“It was a pleasure showing the children around Graysford Hall and giving them a one-on-one tour. They loved the cinema room and were amazed at how nice our bedrooms were – especially the rooms with a garden view. I overheard two children say ‘this is a cool care home,’ which was so nice to hear as we strive to offer a luxury care home establishment for our residents that is not only safe but a place they can call home.”

Participating in such community engagement initiatives is not only empowering for students to understand care home settings but also enriches the lives of Graysford Hall residents by fostering meaningful connections with the broader community. These interactions highlight the importance of intergenerational bonding and mutual learning for both young and old alike.