Graysford Hall Celebrate Glad2Care Week with Joyful Activities and Heartwarming Moments

By Sales
June 7, 2024
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At Graysford Hall and across the Sanders Senior Living group, we recently celebrated Glad2Care Week, between the 20th and 26th of May. The week was filled with engaging activities, compliments, and positive daily reminders that brought together our residents, staff, and visitors in a truly special way.

Glad2Care Week began with a burst of energy as our team engaged in lively dances designed to get everyone moving, de-stress, and foster camaraderie. Following the dance session, one-on-one time with selected residents ensured personal connections and attention. The day was filled with engaging activities, including a Pilates class, quiz time, baking club, and dominoes club, all met with enthusiasm and joy.

On #TastyTuesday, which was a sweet success, residents, staff, and visitors indulged in a cupcake decorating competition. Creativity flowed as participants explored various piping techniques. Resident Mona, expertise earned her first prize, with residents Barry and Chelsea also receiving recognition for their delightful creations. Everyone enjoyed the delicious cupcakes, and residents savoured their favourite dishes, highlighting Voula’s love for fish and much-loved puddings. Mealtime at Sanders Senior Living continues to be a pivotal moment for bringing everyone together.

#WellbeingWednesday: Fostering Physical and Mental Health Well-being was the focus midweek. A morning trip to a local garden centre allowed residents to gather new plants for their garden, followed by a café visit. The afternoon featured an invigorating yoga session led by teacher Manjula, blending relaxation and exercise for the mind and body. Residents shone in a laughter yoga session, demonstrating natural talent. The day emphasised gratitude within the team, enhancing morale. A fiercely competitive word game challenge and a spirited carpet bowls game, where the mighty blues emerged victorious, rounded out the day.

The grand finale of #GladToCareWeek was a day brimming with activities and celebrations. It began with our little shop and knitting club, followed by a lively Move and Groove session featuring a fantastic staff dance. The week concluded with a spectacular musical show by the North East Producers, thoroughly enjoyed by residents and the team alike.

Resident Diana shared, “I enjoy spending time with people; I love talking to people and taking part in activities. I taught art for about 16 years, so it’s always nice doing something a bit creative.”

Emma, Customer Relations Manager, remarked, “It’s so lovely for our staff and residents to come together to celebrate Glad2Care week. Sometimes we all get so wrapped up in our day-to-day, and it was nice to stop and appreciate the caring duties carried out in the home. What better way to celebrate this week than to take part in fun activities along the way? We are Graysford Hall, and we are #Glad2Care.”

Glad2Care Week at Graysford Hall and across Sanders Senior Living was a resounding success, filled with joy, creativity, and a strong sense of community. We look forward to continuing these enriching activities and fostering connections among our residents, staff, and visitors.