Graysford Hall care home host a heartwarming pink fundraiser for Breast Cancer Now

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November 12, 2023
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Graysford Hall care home host a heartwarming pink fundraiser for Breast Cancer Now

Graysford Hall care home in Leicester hosted a heartwarming, vibrant event on Monday the 28th of August to raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer Now.

All team members and residents of the care home were dressed in the finest shades of pink, coming together for an afternoon of solidarity and support.

The atmosphere at Graysford Hall was a vivid mixture of pink hues, as residents and staff embraced the “Pink Day” initiative to show their unwavering support of breast cancer awareness.

The highlight of the day was a spirited, pink-themed quiz that challenged everyone’s knowledge of the colour pink. Residents, staff and visitors eagerly participated, learning and sharing fascinating facts about the significance of the colour pink.

No celebration is complete without a sweet treat, and Graysford Hall had that covered too. A delicious array of pink cupcakes, lovingly prepared by the talented kitchen team, was served to all attendees. The cupcakes were adorned with pink frosting and sprinkles, adding a delightful touch to the event.

Graysford Hall’s Pink Day was not just about enjoying the aesthetics of the colour pink but also served as a reminder of the importance of breast cancer awareness and early detection. Breast Cancer Now, a prominent charity dedicated to fighting breast cancer, was the focal point of the event, with donations being collected to support their invaluable work.

Angela, a resident at Graysford Hall, said: “Everyone looked so lovely and bright in their pink outfits. It was great to see everyone having a lovely time whilst helping to raise money for a good cause.”

Graysford Hall’s Wellbeing Lead, Sarah Hatfield, said: “We were thrilled to have hosted such a wonderful Pink Day at Graysford Hall. It was heartwarming to see our residents and staff come together in support of Breast Cancer Now. The event was not just about wearing pink; it was about spreading awareness, offering support and celebrating life.”

The Pink Day was a resounding success, both in raising funds for Breast Cancer Now and in fostering a sense of community within the care home. The event serves an important reminder of the power of collective action and the importance of supporting vital causes.

Overall the care home raised £256.18 for Breast Cancer Now.

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