Valentine’s Anniversary Fete: A Day of Celebration, Community, and Compassion at The Belmont

February 12, 2024
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The Belmont luxury care home in Worcester, hosted a heartwarming celebration on Saturday, 10th February to mark its second anniversary since opening its doors to the community. The event brought together residents, staff, management, and the local community in a joyous commemoration.

The Valentine’s Anniversary Fete showcased The Belmont as more than just a care home; it was a vibrant community hub filled with love and laughter. The event aimed to foster connections and open its doors to the wider community, allowing them to experience the warmth and family filled atmosphere that defines The Belmont.

The fete featured an array of activities, including mini concerts with the talented pianist Thomas Hemmings, creating a delightful musical backdrop for the day. Stallholders added a touch of local flavor to the event, offering a variety of goods and engaging the attendees.

A highlight of the day was the charity raffle organised to raise funds for St Richards Hospice, a cause close to The Belmont’s heart. The community rallied together and raised £155, contributing to the noble cause.

Smokey Dough Pizza, a local favourite, joined the festivities by serving delicious pizzas, adding a culinary delight to the celebration.

Sandie Preece, the Commissioning Home Manager at The Belmont, expressed her enthusiasm for the event. “What an amazing day to show everyone how wonderful The Belmont is and raise funds for St Richards Hospice. The community enjoyed being within a home full of love, laughter, and a family feel all around. Relatives and loved ones also supported us on the day. It was such an amazing feeling, and the sun was shining on us too.”

The Valentine’s Anniversary Fete not only marked a significant milestone for The Belmont but also reinforced its commitment to creating a supportive and engaging community. The day was a testament to the dedication of the staff, the vibrancy of the residents, and the warmth of the broader community that surrounds The Belmont.