Cultural performance engages Claridge Place residents in celebration of Black History Month

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November 12, 2023
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Cultural performance engages Claridge Place residents in celebration of Black History Month

Claridge Place care home in Solihull came alive on the 10th of October 2023 as they celebrated Black History Month.

The care home residents and team members gathered for a cultural experience that left everyone feeling inspired and engaged.

Musician and cultural ambassador, Rocky Amoo, brought the vibrant rhythms and rich traditions of Africa to Claridge Place. Accompanied by African drums and traditional instruments, Rocky treated the residents to a fantastic performance. What set this event apart was its unique approach – it wasn’t just a performance, but an interactive session where residents, including those living with Dementia, actively participated.

Through the beats of the drums and traditional songs, residents experienced the rich cultural heritage of Africa. Rocky not only showcased his musical talent but also shared the historical significance of the instruments, giving the audience a cultural insight into African traditions.

Stacey Debney-Webber, Senior Customer Relations Manager at Claridge Place, expressed her enthusiasm about the event, and said: “We have enjoyed celebrating Black History Month; we have all learned a lot. We closed our celebrations with an African drum session with the very wonderful Rocky Amoo. Traditionally, the drum has been the heartbeat and soul of most African communities. Rocky delivered an educational, fun, and engaging activity! At Claridge Place, we feel it is important to embrace different cultures and traditions. We are looking forward to welcoming Rocky back to our home.”.

Claridge Place continues to be a beacon of inclusivity and cultural appreciation, with plans to host more events in the future, enriching the lives of its residents and strengthening the bonds within the community.

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