Unveiling creativity: A dazzling art exhibition at Claridge Place care home

Unveiling creativity: A dazzling art exhibition at Claridge Place care home

Care home residents in Solihull, unveiled their art exhibition in style to family and friends at Claridge Place.

The care home art exhibition took place on Tuesday the 18th of April, with entertainment and plenty of cheese and wine.

Claridge Place incorporated the sensory painting method, involving a range of materials and techniques to create a textured and multisensory experience for the residents to showcase their skills.

Art can be a therapeutic and engaging activity for residents and can provide numerous benefits, including promoting cognitive function, reducing stress and anxiety and improving mood and social connections.

The organization of the exhibition was a collaborative process from all members of the team, and was an important, meaningful activity for residents, and for families to enjoy. The care home residents were overjoyed to see their artistic talents on display and share their creativity with others.

One family member said: “This has been a wonderful experience for mum. It’s the happiest I have seen my mum in years and my Dad would be really proud to see her art work.”

The resident’s work will be on display in the main reception until Friday the 21st of April; after that, it will be proudly positioned within the residents’ bedrooms.

Stacey Debney Webber, Customer Relations Manager at Claridge Place, said: Art sessions are important for our residents at Claridge Place. It empowers them and gives them the opportunity to express themselves. It has had a positive impact or all our residents, particularly those living with a Dementia diagnosis. Over the past two months our residents have been working hard to produce some stunning art pieces for our exhibition. The residents at Claridge Place were proud to showcase their pieces and we received some wonderful feedback from families. The event gave the team, residents and their loved ones an opportunity to come together and celebrate. The exhibition gave our residents a sense of achievement, inclusion and pride.”

For more information on Claridge Place, visit: https://sandersseniorliving.co.uk/the-collection-at-sanders-senior-living/claridge-place-care-home-solihull/

Article published on Friday, 21st April 2023