Director of Wellbeing and Dementia Care at Sanders Senior Living hosts dementia awareness sessions for Worcester community

Paul Gaskell, Director of Wellbeing and Dementia Care, has delivered interactive dementia awareness sessions for Worcester community, at Sanders Senior Living care home, The Belmont.

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Director of Wellbeing and Dementia Care at Sanders Senior Living hosts dementia awareness sessions for Worcester community

To further become a supportive and informative resource and hub for the Worcester community, The Belmont team organised Sanders Senior Living’s Director of Wellbeing and Dementia Care, Paul Gaskell, to deliver several 90-minute presentations on dementia.

The sessions took place throughout the day on the 3rd of May and family, friends and members of the professional community all enjoyed attending. Paul prepared an informative presentation for the event, which encouraged lots of open conversation and discussion.

The points of conversation included discussing what dementia is and how we can help people who live with dementia, live well. Paul presented different ways to support and encourage those living with dementia, through cognitive stimulation, life story work and physical, mental and social activity. The attendees also engaged in empathy exercises to better understand what it’s like living with dementia, which can help in seeing life from their perspective. How space can be designed in a way that creates a calming, inclusive and sense of familiarity was also a topic of discussion. 

Overall, the day’s event was a big success, and generated lots of interest. Family members, and friends from Age UK and the Dementia Café all attended and left lovely, positive feedback for Paul and the team. Participants all left reviews stating the session was ‘informative’, ‘engaging’ and ‘friendly.’

Other participants said:

“Lovely, friendly person. Gave information in a relaxed manner and gave us a chance to talk.”

“Glad I came. I now have an understanding of dementia which will help me to understand my dad’s symptoms.”

The event reflects the values and goals of the home and the wider Sanders Senior Living company to become a supportive pillar for the community, sharing valuable resources, knowledge and experience. 

With such great interest and a brilliant response, the team are hoping to host additional sessions in the future.

Paul Gaskell said:

“It was great to be able to lead an important presentation and discussion on dementia awareness for relatives and the wider community. It’s so important that those in the community have a welcoming space to feel supported and to come away with the knowledge and confidence to further care for their loved ones. At the end of the session, I issued everyone with a range of information and handouts and my business card, inviting them to contact me if they wish any support or advice.”

Customer Relations Manager, Tommy Fellows, who organised the event said:

“I am so pleased that Paul was able to come and support The Belmont community with such informative sessions on dementia. We received such lovely feedback from guests and with such success, we hope to hold sessions like this again soon. This event is just one of the ways we are striving to become a pillar of support for the Worcester community.

Article published on Tuesday, 10th May 2022