Touching testimonial from husband and wife, Shirley and Maurice

Touching testimonial from husband and wife, Shirley and Maurice

Graysford Hall has given us our lives back. Coronavirus and the need to isolate has been hard on all of us. For my wife Shirley and I, we missed being part of a community and moved to Graysford Hall in December for respite. We have a private lounge and a large double room with en-suite facilities. The day starts with breakfast in the dining room, all served at a beautifully set table. After enjoying breakfast, our daily papers are delivered by the concierge to our lounge, and we both enjoy retiring to our private lounge to read with a coffee. Mid-morning sees us joining in with an exercise class or our morning walk together in the beautiful secure gardens.

Lunch is always a five-star experience with a three-course meal and sometimes the cheeky glass of wine from the resident’s bar. The food is all home cooked - freshly baked bread, seasonal vegetables and delicious desserts.

After lunch, Shirley loves to have a little siesta while I will enjoy a game of scrabble with one of my friends or a visit to the library. Activities are always available should you wish to join in – films in the cinema room, church services via a video link, the Tigers or the Foxes game can be watched in several lounges on match day, and for those who like quiet time in their room, the Wellbeing Lead will join you for one-to-one activities, or sometimes we just join friends for a coffee and chat in the Bistro.

We struggled at home with getting to professional appointments with coronavirus restrictions and our families being too busy with their own lives to transport us. At Graysford Hall, they come to us. The chiropodist comes in regularly, Shirley sees the physio once a week, the dietician is called if needed, and our GP has weekly surgeries for any of our concerns.

Graysford Hall has a beautiful hair salon and massage room with their own hairdresser, so all those at-home haircut disasters have been avoided here. A weekly trip to the hairdresser is something Shirley and I really look forward to.

In the evenings, we enjoy spending time in our lounge; reading, chatting and watching television before settling down for the night. It gives us and our families peace of mind knowing staff are around throughout the night should we require help. The staff are always attentive but not intrusive.

We came to Graysford Hall for initial respite to feel part of a community, but we have found so much more. We have found a family and have decided to make Graysford Hall our new home for the future. We can live independently as a couple and be part of a wider community in this beautiful home.


Article published on Friday, 9th April 2021