Living With Us at Sanders Senior Living

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Living with Us

Connecting luxury and comfort with quality care, Sanders Senior Living prides itself on creating an environment that exceeds your expectations. The care we provide, the activities we organise, and the amenities we have are tailored to maintain a focal emphasis on the wellbeing, dignity and respect of residents.

We have a vision and a dedication to provide quality residential and dementia care to a high standard, without sacrificing the luxury and the comfort you truly deserve.

No Ordinary Residential Homes

We aspire to define luxury living in everything we do. We have carefully curated a setting that invigorates the senses and soothes the soul.

We select top-of-the-range furnishings, bespoke pieces and calming colour schemes to add to the luxury of the setting whilst ensuring suitability for residents and durability for day-to-day living. The designs, from the furniture all the way down to the chosen wallpaper and soft furnishings, are meticulously chosen to add to the soothing and welcoming feel, which aim to improve residents’ wellbeing and sense of security.

The opportunities to build profound connections with the community through exclusive events is what makes Sanders Senior Living stand out from the crowd.


Wellbeing and personal care are thought of in equal measure.

The events, activities, initiatives and partnerships established by the Sanders Senior Living team create an inclusive environment, where residents and the wider community can benefit from a caring, engaging and supportive hub.

Dedicated Wellbeing Leads in each home have a natural vision in creating an enriching environment built upon social interaction, connection and companionship. This is executed and delivered through a robust programme of activities, adapted to reflect the needs and wishes of residents. 

Our esteemed collection of homes are positioned in prime locations, whether that’s a quaint coastal town or a bustling city, the areas surrounding our care homes are full of life, history and character.

We arrange plenty of excursions so you can get to know more about the world right on your doorstep. It is important to feel a profound sense of belonging in where we live, so that we can truly feel part of its thriving community.